Bureau des enquêtes indépendates
“We are committed to fulfilling our mission to investigate independently, without government or police interference.”


Investigation reports

Once BEI finishes an investigation, it writes an exhaustive report and sends it to The Directeur des poursuites criminelles et pénales, as well as to the Bureau du coroner if there has been a death. These reports, and any additional reports required by the DPCP, are not made public because they contain sensitive information, including names, statements from witnesses and the people involved, and evidence. Based on the content of these reports, the DPCP decides whether there is reasonable cause to bring charges.  

For more information, please consult the investigations (in French) and press releases (in French) published by BEI.

* Some links to decisions rendered by the DPCP are no longer functional. Please refer to the new website address of the DPCP.

When BEI takes over a criminal investigation, including allegations of a sexual offense committed by a police officer on duty, it also submits a comprehensive report to the DPCP.  This report is not made public. However, in the case of an alleged sexual offense, BEI may, after conducting its investigation, close the file if it considers the allegation to be frivolous or unfounded.



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