Bureau des enquêtes indépendates
“Impartiality is central to our work, because all are equal before the law.”


Advanced skills and knowledge

An investigation that may lead to charges being laid involves a number of legal, technical, and psychological aspects that investigators must be familiar with, master, and apply in their work.

To provide BEI with professionnal expertise that ensures it can fulfill its mission independently, diligently, and impartially and is consistent in its investigative methods, all its investigators must successfully complete comprehensive university training developed by École nationale de police du Québec and the Québec university network.

The nine-week theoretical training program has a methodology component and covers legal, social, and cultural issues as well as knowledge  of police matters, all in accordance with applicable codes of ethics.  Acquiring the knowledge and competencies required in police investigations and developing the necessary attitudes and skills required are the main purpose of this training.

From theory to practice

In addition to the theoretical component, scenario-based police investigation integration activities are included at the end of training.  Participants thus have an opportunity to apply the knowledge they have learned in class to real-life situations. 

These four weeks of training are designed to refresh investigators’ knowledge so that they intervene effectively in accordance with investigative standards.

Additionnal training

All the investigators must also complete a 14 days training on investigations related to sexual offense to better understand these situations and investigate cases of this nature.