Bureau des enquêtes indépendates
“Our investigators are specially trained to carry out their work.”

Profile and Selection

Who are the investigators?

A team of 34 investigators from various backgrounds make up the BEI Investigative Unit. The composition of this unit, as the legislator intended, is aimed for the parity of investigators who have never had peace officer status ( civilians) as well as former peace officers (police officers).  This composition takes advantage of different points of view and helps to ensures the impartiality of the investigation.  All investigators, however, have experience relevant to the investigative work. 

Three investigators are assigned as supervisors-investigators to provide management.  Each supervisor is in charge of a work team made up of 10 investigators.

Another investigator is assigned as supervisor-coordinator.  He ensures compliance with the procedures in place for all the staff of the Investigative Unit.  He also acts as a liaison between the BEI, the involved police force and the support police force. 

The work of the investigators is the core BEI mission. Individuals chosen for this position are appointed by the government for a renewable five-year term.

How are they chosen?

At the time of recruitment, a selection committee is formed. Its task is to determine applicants’ ability to hold the position of BEI investigator. The director recommends applicants to the Minister of Public Security who have been declared suitable to act as investigators. 

Applicants must meet specific selection criteria concerning their personal qualities, interpersonal skills, education, and work experience, which must be related to the BEI mission. Strong analytical, reasoning, and critical thinking skills as well as good people skills are among the qualities sought, as they are prerequisites and undeniable assets in investigative work.

Investigators must also pass security clearance to prove their integrity and probity as well as the absence of any convictions for criminal, penal, ethical, or disciplinary offences.

The recruiting and selection procedure for BEI investigators is determined by the Regulation respecting the selection procedure and the training of investigators of the Bureau des enquêtes indépendantes.